SimpleCare™ has been purposefully created by passionate physicians alongside Cleveland Clinic Akron General Health System, a nationally recognized health & wellness leader.

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Give your patients an engaging experience with a SurroundTeam™, a personalized care team that includes Primary Care Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, qualified Exercise Physiologists, Certified Nutritionists, and Disease Management Clinicians.

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Simple set up and use


Apply your branding and assign your SurroundTeams


Market to patients and the community you serve


Utilize SimpleCare to create better outcomes


Patient friendly mobile applications that allow your patients to set personal wellness goals, track activity, log biometrics and chat with your SurroundTeam.

The mobile apps (Android & iOS) are white-labeled and customized with your brand.

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Patient Web Application gives the patient more capabilities and features than the app alone. Here the patient can add devices and equipment, view more detail on their conditions, their care plans and associated biometrics through simple reporting.

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Healthcare provider application allows for the assignment and management of SurroundTeams along with defining conditions and specific care plans. It allows the SurroundTeams to input biometric data, analyze patient data, set patient goals, and motivate via conversation.

The data can be viewed by patient, demographic group, or entire population.

APIs exist just in case other care plan, medical record, communication and/or other systems need to interface.

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